I got gas in the tank
I got money in the bank
I got news for you baby, you’re looking at the man
I got skin in the game
I got a household name
I got news for you baby, you’re looking at the man

“The Man” – The Killers

What’s in a name? Everything! The word “man”, for crying out loud is in Oscar’s last name as is the word: good. What more do you need to know? The defense rests, your honor.

FAB FACT: Oscar graduated from Haverford College. Received his Law degree from The University of Pennsylvania and became one of the 15 Best Trial Lawyers in America.

Let’s begin, with “The Man” himself before we revisit why Oscar’s is the #1 steakhouse in Las Vegas. Oscar Goodman, is an icon. Period. Make no mistake about the fact that the Las Vegas you know and love today would not exist if it were not for this legendary attorney and politician. Oscar Goodman’s fingerprints are on virtually every noteworthy project or event that has been built or staged for a half century. Need proof? Here’s a rundown:

Known best as the “Happiest Mayor in the Universe,” Oscar Goodman served three terms as mayor of the city of Las Vegas. In April of 2007, he captured 84 percent of the vote in his re-election effort to a third four-year term. During his tenure as mayor, he had many accomplishments in the heart of downtown. They include Symphony Park, a phenomenal 61- acre planned development which includes the Lou Ruvo Brain Institute, designed by renowned architect Frank Gehry. The park also includes the Smith Center, a 350,000-square-foot performing arts center, as well as plans for boutique hotels, high-rise residential units, business, medical and retail opportunities. At the conclusion of his last term in 2011, he did what no other mayor has ever done in the country: swear in his wife, Carolyn Goodman, as the new mayor of Las Vegas.

FAB FACT: Carolyn Goldmark Goodman is the 22nd Mayor of Las Vegas, and the founder, president, and trustee emeritus of The Meadows School.

After his tenure as mayor, Goodman has remained active in the Las Vegas community. He continues to serve as Las Vegas’ primary ambassador as chairman of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA) Host Committee which is made up of local business and civic leaders who engage the Las Vegas community in support of major trade shows and destination events. Goodman also assists in rolling out the “red carpet” to welcome attendees of special events and meetings and conventions to Las Vegas.

FAB FACT: Oscar became a spokesman for Bombay Sapphire gin, receiving a $100,000 salary which was donated to charity, including $50,000 donated to The Meadows School, a private school here in Las Vegas.

Speaking of rolling out the carpet, on one phone call Oscar Goodman with Vegas showgirls in tow made a personal appearance whereupon he granted an interview and posed for a photo op to launch Las Vegas DMC Destination Fabulous on the Imex tradeshow floor in 2014. Oscar’s kind and gracious disposition was deeply appreciated and has never been forgotten. You can’t buy class, you either have it or you don’t. Oscar Goodman, is a class act in every sense of the word.

Oscar’s Las Vegas Steakhouse

Oscar’s may be an homage to the legendary mayor, but more importantly it is the finest steakhouse in Las Vegas. As is so often the case, a restaurant may have stunning décor, and all the ambiance in the world, but if the food is not memorable one does not go back. After all, the whole point of dining out is to enjoy a culinary experience that sets the bar for all meals to come, and not just to placate. Savvy restaurateurs arouse the senses of sight, touch, hearing, taste, and smell from the moment one enters an establishment. The atmosphere and décor of Oscar’s is sophisticated and contemporary without being pretentious or overly commercial. The view of Fremont Street coupled with the flickering lights and neon that reflect back into the main room is; simply fabulous. The panoramic view from the iconic dome cannot be taken for granted or overlooked, as it is Vegas at its best. This restaurant is a statement piece for the Plaza and does not harken back to the Vegas of past. This restaurant is a steakhouse for today, and thus is reflective of the renaissance that Downtown Las Vegas has achieved in do part to the Goodmans.  I shall not use the words retro, cool, or nostalgic when describing this property and venue as they are too cliché. I prefer to state that the Plaza and Oscar’s are: authentic streetscape. Streetscape, that you too should rediscover, engage, and embrace.

FAB FACT: The Plaza and Oscar Goodman are featured in The Killer’s video “The Man”.

Where’s the Beef?

Now, let’s talk food. Arby’s has the meats. Oscar’s has the steaks. USDA Prime Beef; which is the most tender and flavorful of steaks. Anyone that has savored a USDA Prime Graded Steak knows that it is delightfully tender and juicy with a buttery flavor which makes it distinctively superior to any other steak. Kobe beef be damned. Oscar’s Joey C’s Filet Mignon, and Sally’s New York Strip have no equal. Bombast? No, fact. If you can find a finer steak for the money good luck and enjoy.  I’ll prefer to savor and relish these cuts as a purveyor of fine meat and give thanks to Chef Martell for his discriminating eye and impeccable attention to selecting USDA graded beef.

FAB FACT: Of all the beef produced in the US, less than 2% is certified as USDA Prime. 

Shareable Appetizers & Salads

Where does one begin? Choices abound when one eyes the menu and begins the weighty decision of what to order to compliment your main course. Here’s some advice; order two or three appetizers and have a sampling of the ten offerings that are touted. One can never go wrong with Sal’s Shrimp Cocktail that features seasoned chilled jumbo shrimp with a spicy sauce and fresh “netted” lemon. Add Izzy M’s Fried Calamari which is served golden soft with lemon aioli cherry peppers and tomato dipping sauces in addition to Benny’s House Made Ricotta Toasted ciabatta bread accented with rosemary garlic ricotta, and tomato caper. The aforementioned trio of appetizers will round out the first course of what will be an unforgettable dining experience.

Soup or salad? Tough choice, but you can never go wrong with the incumbent Mayor’s Russian Dressing on a crisp garden fresh iceberg wedge topped with egg, tomato, bleu cheese crumbles, and thick cut black pepper maple bacon.  After all, Carolyn knows best (just ask Oscar).

Just Desserts

To die for? Well, the pan baked chocolate chip cookie topped with French vanilla ice cream and a side of melted chocolate is heaven sent. If you have never had the chance to enjoy a Pizookie or Pizza Cookie as it is sometimes called, now is the time. This not just a chocolate chip cookie, this half-baked Oscar’s Pizza-Cookie delivers on cuteness and yumminess. Go ahead and loosen your belt, it’s worth it.

Oscar’s Family

A business is not just mere brick and mortar. What truly defines a business is the staff. Quite honestly, the word staff is far too corporate and generic for my liking.  I prefer; family. Oscar’s family team members provide world-class service that is as seamless and as well choregraphed as any Broadway play. Here’s an inside tip (and don’t forget to do so) Mr. Nick Ziai is a treasure. A man who has a long and storied career working at the finest properties and restaurants here in Las Vegas for the past 40 years. Mr. Nick Ziai, encompasses a skillset that cannot be taught as his is innate. The attention to detail is unmatched, unrivaled, and unobtrusive. Black linen? Check. Side glass of ice for a snifter of Jack & Coke? Check. Additional half lemon (netted)? Check. Extra béarnaise on the side? You guessed it…Check!  Knowing when, how, and where to engage with guests is an artform.  Far too often, a waitstaff’s interaction can be less than congenial. More often than not it is inattentive or can go to the other extreme by being overly attentive or down right insincere.  The team comprised of Nick and David is a union of like mind and intuitive in nature. When booking your reservation pleased do make a request for their service as you will not be disappointed. Everything has a price and this duo is priceless.

A team is as only good as its management, I now call to your attention to Mr. Justin Catanese Assistant General Manager of Oscar’s Steakhouse.  Justin, has risen through the ranks of the Plaza and has made an indelible impression on the property and hierarchy of The Plaza as he opened the 70,000 sq. ft rooftop pool and pool deck featuring pickleball and tennis courts. Justin, made waves downtown launching the rooftop oasis which is comprised of Lily Pad Day beds, cabanas, permanent entertainment stage, table games (3 Blackjack and 1 Mini-craps) Foosball, Cornhole & Ping Pong. His savvy business acumen was rewarded as he is now the Assistant General Manager of Oscar’s. Hands on doesn’t cover his approach to daily operations. He’s like Visa: everywhere.  Whether, he’s supervising, managing or pairing wine to entrées like a seasoned sommelier; all is done effortlessly with a certain air of importance.  Justin, is a native Las Vegan; battle born and Nevada tested. This gives him a unique advantage of being able to hone in on fellow Las Vegans (moi avec ma famille) and speak the speak. He knows the Valley and can name drop with the best of them (including yours truly) without being pretentious, and lets you know that he knows the right people and travels with the right crowd. Oscar’s attracts the right crowd (ahem). Did I mention that Justin has a cameo in The Killers “The Man” video? 23,625,552 views and climbing can’t be wrong.

Bottoms Up!

Destination Fabulous, unequivocally endorses Oscar’s room as a preferred venue of choice. If you are looking for a venue for your next special occasion or event do yourself a favor and book at Oscars. As far as corporate America is concerned, look no further for Las Vegas event space. Oscar’s Steakhouse provides an intimate setting for a cocktail reception, dinner party, or special event. The side bar lends itself nicely as it does nightly for live cabaret style entertainment, and a “torch singer” paired with a Jazz Trio is the perfect act to create mood atmosphere befitting of this room.

Sophisticated and memorable Las Vegas events are the specialty of Destination Fabulous. Our veteran team of event planners and specialists will orchestrate all the glitz and glam the Entertainment Capital of the World has to offer — with white glove service that’ll have your attendees beaming.

In closing, it does not matter what one toasts, as long as one toasts. The first taste on an evening’s night at Oscar’s should always be preceded with the clinking of glasses and employ the Italian words Cent’anni, which means we should live a hundred years. My toast? “May you all live to be a hundred years old and may the last voice you hear be Oscar’s.”


Trent Allen Parks aka “TAP”

Senior Vice President

Destination Fabulous