3 Tips to Make a Memorable Event

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Las Vegas event planning doesn’t have to be a headache.  With our help we can create an event that will not only blow the minds of your attendees, but will be memorable for years to come.

By employing these three simple tips we can ensure your event will have a fun atmosphere, the right kind of swag, and a memorable “thank you” to show appreciation.

Setting the Scene

Think of your Las Vegas event like a big Hollywood movie or TV show. Like most film or TV there is usually some focal point that commands the attention of everyone, normally the characters driving the story.

For your event we will focus on your “characters,” the food, the drink, the theme, the people or crowd. We will tend to every detail to make sure your event provides the perfect setting for all of the “star-studded” selfies to take place.

Swag is King

In today’s event industry the promotional products given at your event says just as much about your occasion as the experience itself. We need to make sure the swag can entice interest and create the right impression for your brand.

Quick ways to ensure you’ve selected the right products are to make sure you are focusing on your audience. Reflect the needs and values of the people receiving the products.

Don’t forget that all this swag is what is leaving the lasting impression of your company. Pay attention to what the promotional product says about you.

Try to connect on an emotional level with your participants. An exceptional promotional product transcends mere usefulness to become a souvenir of why they attended, and a reminder of how their participation caused a change for the better, for them and the community.

Don’t forget to show your appreciation

Of course swag bags are an excellent way to thank your guests but check out a few of these creative ways to say thanks.

Social media shout outs. People love recognition. Tweet messages of appreciation, create a Facebook photo album of the event, or even a Pinterest board to show your attendees that they really made the event what it was.

A lot of people want to be treated like V.I.P. Providing exclusive or early access to learning materials, discounts or programs can be a great way to show appreciation for your attendees. Providing exclusivity gives them more of this extra special feeling.

Here at Destination Fabulous we strive to make every event a sight to behold. By setting the right scene and mood we give your guests the right environment to learn about your brand. We help you choose the best swag to say all the right things.

Showing appreciation can seem like such a small part of your event, but it can really make or break the feeling your event attendees have when reflecting on your gathering.

Attending any event should be nothing short of fabulous, and with us by your side we can turn anything from drab into fab!

Be fabulous,