Ingrid Beyhl

Ingrid Behyl

Joining Destination Fabulous in 2018, Ingrid Beyhl is the National Sales Manager and point person onboarding the company’s new clients, and bridging the gap between a customer’s vision and the creative and technical teams of Destination Fabulous. While Ingrid is constantly seeking out new partnerships, venues, and concepts for clients, she is a key part of the company’s events to best assure a client’s goals are met in the overarching planning process.

With over 12 years’ experience and a previous owner of a design events company, Ingrid discovered her love of events as a wedding planner, where she found helping couples on their most important day to be truly rewarding. As a leading consultant in marketing and new business development for Plexus Worldwide Inc’s national and international markets, Ingrid is a welcomed addition to the event and entertainment services Destination Fabulous offers its clients.