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The Art of the LP: Classic Album Covers

The “Albumpalooza™ ” Concert Series recreates the original artistry and musicianship of timeless classic albums by world-class performers. This is no mere recreation; it is an homage to artist and album. This is an enduring retrospective to the music in the grooves; a complete and cohesive piece of art performed as it was intended to be heard – conceptual in nature. Live and in person.

Ladies and gentlemen, for your enjoyment, titillation, and entertainment, we direct your attention to the main stage as Destination Fabulous DMC, Las Vegas’ premier destination-management and event-production company, proudly presents:

Albumpalooza™- The Albums You Love PERFORMED LIVE Track to Track – Cover to Cover

Classic Albums. Classic Artists. Classic Concerts.

This is not your father’s cover band show. The Albumpalooza™ Concert Series features the finest musicians available anywhere performing classic songs sequentially, just as the original artists envisioned that the listeners would hear when the needle hit the vinyl. Experience tributes to iconic records such as Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon, The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band & Abbey Road, The Eagles’ Greatest Hits, and Boston’s first album – all played with expert precision and heartfelt passion in exciting full concert productions. Albumpalooza™ is the quintessential act for public showrooms, private gatherings, casino marketing, and corporate events.

With over 25 classic LPs to choose from, your event is sure to hit the mark for your group as you customize your own album playlist. If your album or artist is not featured on our list, you can tailor your Las Vegas event with the “Command Performance” option. Select an album and we will produce your own anthology. As an added bonus, our bands also include a pre- or post-show set of the most popular songs from the artist’s entire catalog for a complete entertainment experience.

Like a vinyl record, Albumpalooza™ is as personal as a handwritten letter. Every moment has a song, and every song has its moment.

Create your event’s gold record moment today with Destination Fabulous. Drop the needle.




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