Casa de Shenandoah – “Coming Home”

Wayne Newtonis

There’s no need for Wayne Newton to perform Glinda the Good Witch’s simple magic spell: click the heels of your magic shoes and repeat, “There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home…” Because, Mr. Las Vegas is back on the grounds of his beloved estate Casa de Shenandoah…back where he belongs.

Wayne Newton, “The King of the Las Vegas Strip, “ has lived a blaze of publicity, gossip, and innuendo, but his closely guarded private estate had never before been revealed… until now.

FAB FACT: Wayne has performed live to more than 40 million people and has performed over 25,000 shows in Las Vegas alone!


After moving to Las Vegas at the age of 15, and many years of working six shows a night, six nights a week at the lounge of the Fremont Hotel & Casino, Mr. Las Vegas, Wayne Newton, purchased the first five acres, which is now Casa de Shenandoah, in 1966. It was raw land, with no well or electricity. The first house was built between 1966-1968, along with four stalls for a horse barn. He lived in that home with his parents and older brother. He then acquired additional acres between 1969 and 1972.

Construction of the Mansion began in 1973 and was completed in 1976. Original plans were for a garage to be built under the Mansion. When the garage construction began they dug down 10 feet and hit water, as the land is located on numerous artisan wells. During that time, Wayne continued to purchase contiguous land as it became available, resulting in the 52 acres the estate consists of today.

With artisan lakes and wells, eight homes, two barns, 60 stalls, 3 arenas, 60 pure-bread Arabian horses and numerous exotic animals, this property once considered to be “in the country of the Nevada desert” is now in the heart of Las Vegas and considered a Las Vegas Landmark that has welcomed Presidents, Kings and countless celebrities through its magnificent golden gates.

In 2008, CBS News named Casa de Shenandoah one of the Top Five Homes in the country (others included The White House) and one of the Top Three “Priciest Pads” by “MTV Cribs.” In addition, many television shows and movies have filmed on the estate, such as “Vegas Vacation,” “The Amazing Race,” “The Rockford Files” and “Vegas,” just to name a few.

FAB FACT: Wayne had a feature role in the James Bond film “License to Kill!”


On September 18th, Shenandoah opened to the public and Las Vegas DMC companies with tours, a newly constructed museum housing memorabilia dating to Newton’s Childhood and a stunning array of animals including Newton’s prized Arabian horses, peacocks, and wallabies.


Your “E” Ticket awaits in the form of three (3) Tour Packages ranging in price from $35 to $95. The hours of operation are 9 a.m. –  6 p.m. Monday – Saturday, and the attraction includes a gift shop and theatre that plays a 15-minute documentary of Newton’s life and career. Las Vegas DMC, Destination Fabulous, highly recommends the Diamond Tour which includes:

  • Platinum Tour +
  • Private tour guide
  • Exclusive access to the Aramus Arabian’s barn
  • Tour Wayne’s childhood home
  • Explore Mansion’s private quarters and the never before revealed narrative of secret rooms and hidden passages

FAB FACT: Without reading a note of music, Wayne plays 13 instruments!


Wayne Newton’s Casa de Shenandoah is the perfect choice for corporate America’s groups large or small. Start the tour at the Visitor Center, where groups can browse through the Shops at Shenandoah and then view a short film about Wayne Newton in the Shenandoah Theater. Las Vegas group tours are then transported to the estate, where they can access never before seen memorabilia, check out the collection of rare automobiles and step aboard Wayne’s private jet. Experience world-renowned equine facilities, explore the Mansion, and visit the Exotic Animal Exhibit. There is something for everyone in your group at Casa de Shenandoah…book now through our PROCALL 24/7TM  service or click here .

FAB FACT: Wayne has recorded and released 165 albums to date!


Superstar Wayne Newton has become as synonymous with Las Vegas as neon signs. Ever since the late fifties, Newton has been an integral part of the Las Vegas entertainment scene. Until now, behind the headlines and the headlights there was a little-known Wayne Newton. The singer who became a friend to presidents, and is loved by millions of fans, lived almost as a recluse on a ranch that housed his vast menagerie, including his beloved Arabian horses.  It is here with his family and trusted staff that Wayne is happiest. Here, enjoying his family, caring for his animals Wayne sheds his stardom for a while, and lets us inside to his private life. How fortunate we are to have Mr. Las Vegas welcome us with open arms to his humble abode to enjoy the fruits of his labor.

Wayne Newton IS Las Vegas, and Las Vegas IS Wayne Newton. No trip to our desert oasis is complete without visiting Casa de Shenandoah. Stay fabulous Mr. Las Vegas!

Fabulously yours,




Once Before I Go / Wayne Newton with Dick Maurice

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