Destination Danger Couture Event

Destination Danger

The event name’s Danger. Destination Danger. “Spectre,” the 24th James Bond movie, has now hit the theaters, more than 50 years after the first film in the popular series, “Dr. No.”  “Spectre” stars Daniel Craig as 007, but who needs a fictional British Secret Service agent when the real star of your next event is…YOU!

FAB FACT: It is estimated that Spectre has the highest budget of any Bond film and during production $36 million of vehicles, namely Aston Martin DB10s, were destroyed.

If you like your Las Vegas special event party “shaken, not stirred,” then prepare to enter a fabulous world of mystery and suspense. But be careful! The person sitting next to you might not be who you think they are.

Destination Fabulous, Las Vegas’ premier destination management company, proudly presents “Destination Danger,” a James Bond-themed special event that immerses you and your guests into the dangerous world of spies and super-spies, as only master storyteller Ian Fleming could envision.

FAB FACT: Ian Fleming’s house in Jamaica was called GoldenEye. It was later bought by Bob Marley.

It all begins as tuxedo-clad doormen usher you and your beautifully attired guests into our elegant, chandeliered version of “Casino Royale.” As they enter, each guest receives their own “passport” containing a unique “double-0” number designation as authorized by Her Majesty’s Secret Service (aka MI6). The 007 silhouette will be projected onto the draped walls while iconic music, including that famous James Bond theme, as well as such classic songs as Paul McCartney’s “Live and Let Die” movie score, or Carly Simon’s “Nobody Does It Better” sets the appropriate mood for what promises to be an event that’s simply “to die for.”

FAB FACT: Bond is the 224th most common surname in the UK and there are 1,011 people in the United States named James Bond.

The sophisticated venue itself is “dressed to kill.” Highboy tables decorated with British “Union Jack” flags surround the perimeter and there are multiple tufted leather bar stations, including the “Skyfall” Martini Bar, where you can have your choice of various martinis served dirty, neat, or “shaken, not stirred.” Take your martini, come up with a clever alias, and relax in one of the black leather furniture groupings which are placed throughout the venue. Sexy “Go-Go Girls” dressed in British-styled 60s outfits perform on elevated stages, adding a hip, English vibe. Attentive and silent white-gloved butlers offer an array of upscale tray-passed hors d’oeuvres and champagne. Or are they really “butlers” at all? Perhaps there’s more to the story than they choose to divulge.

Prepare to tempt Lady Luck as you sit down to play various novelty games of chance, including Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, and 007’s favorite: Baccarat (or “Chemin de fer”). You’ll be joined by atmosphere models, actors, and “femmes fatales” representing many of the classic and modern James Bond movies. Maybe you’ll bump into a James Bond or “Miss Moneypenny” lookalike. Wait! Is that Austin Powers over there? How did he get in here?

FAB FACT: Daniel Craig is the only 007 to have had more vodka Martinis than on-screen kisses.

Choose from several different entertainment options, such as a house DJ playing an eclectic music mix from the 60s all the way up to the modern era. Other choices include a jazz combo, a string quartet, or a pianist. Have your guests test their knowledge of “all things Bond” with a fun James Bond Trivia Contest where they can win a limited collector’s edition Goldfinger Steelbook Blu-ray commemorating the “golden” anniversary of the third movie in the timeless Bond series; along with other fun Bond-themed prizes.

It’s no “secret” that the “Destination Danger” couture Las Vegas event by Destination Fabulous, Las Vegas DMC takes creative event planning to the next level of thrilling and memorable excitement. Because when it comes to your next fabulous Las Vegas function, you can bet that it’s “From Vegas…with love.”

FAB FACT: The scene in Skyfall where Bond breaks into M’s house was filmed in a house that John Barry, composer of the James Bond theme, used to live.

As this blog closes listen closely, to the distinctive rhythm of a guitar in the background playing the first few bars of the “James Bond Theme” reverberating   “Dum di-di dum dum.” Roll the end credits please!

Be Fabulous,