Destination Fabulous 2.0

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For Las Vegas DMC Destination Fabulous, the culture of entertaining is just as important as the food and drinks you serve, the flowers on the table, and the music on cue. It’s an event planning world where rigid rules take a backseat to unpretentious ideas that are novel, festive, authentic, and always with an air of deliberate polish.

Speaking of being novel, festive, and authentic… I have some exciting news to share with you. As the Founder and President of Destination Fabulous, I’m proud and honored to announce our newest website reiteration: Destination Fabulous 2.0!

We have added more than just a little polish to our original website (no Mr. Miyagi here, “Wax on, wax off.”). We have deliberately redesigned our website to be a true reflection of our no-holds-barred, marvelously cavalier attitude.

Our new site, like the upcoming iPhone 8, is anticipated to mark a radical change as it seeks to wow users with a new cutting edge sleek design coupled with functionality. Now, this isn’t your father’s iPhone; rather this is iPhone 8… before there is an iPhone 8. Like our friends at Apple, we have chosen to reinvent with revolutionary evolutionary design.

From the moment one “hits” the site, one shall be brought front and center into the heart of the pulsating Strip in all its glory, complete with dancing fountains and the world’s tallest observation wheel. Streaming video banners abound, which accentuate event planning and the Vegas experience like no other destination company. Destination Fabulous connects you, the consumer, with our experiential marketing tour de force that directly engages clients and encourages participation in the evolution of the brand and our brand experience. Rather than looking at consumers as passive receivers of messages, we as engagement marketers believe that clients should be actively involved in the production and co-creation of marketing events, which in turn develops a relationship with our brand.

As our company has grown so has the need to scale the business with staff, products, services, and offerings. Growing the bandwidth and “brandwidth” has been of paramount concern as it relates to the new site and its said buildout. The lynchpin for our continuing success is the category of entertainment. Make no mistake: Las Vegas is The Entertainment Capital of the World. This is the case more now than ever as the economy has made a turn for the better and business is once again growing and flourishing. Our clients both small and large are requesting entertainment choices that run the gamut from base to the sublime. Entertainment has always been an integral component of any event. Regardless of the scope and size of a corporate sales meeting or a private party, Destination Fabulous can yield a multitude of entertainment options for any grand vision a client may desire. Our vast experience and strategic alliances in the entertainment industry have established Destination Fabulous as an ethical and respectable source for celebrity entertainment.

Our vision is to produce events that make our clients and their companies stand out from the competition. You are our one and only concern. Quality services become paramount when selecting a destination management company that is experiential. Businesses today are challenged with the task of conveying human emotion — a critical component to building relationships, educating audiences, and driving sales.

We here at Destination Fabulous encourage you to be exciting, bold, and creative! In an era where consumers are inundated with information, standing out amongst the noise is critical to your success. We are committed to you – our clients – and welcome the opportunity to partner with you on your continuing success. Welcome to Destination Fabulous 2.0!

The best has yet to come,

P.S. iPhone 8 is expected to be released early September with a price tag around $1,000!