Discover Your Very Own Vegas Man Cave

Hello, gentlemen! We recently told the ladies what they can do in Vegas with their fab squad, but we realize that girls aren’t the only ones who want to have fun. At Destination Fabulous, we like to make sure we cater to ALL of our customers! And as a local destination management company, we can help you incorporate any of these experiences into your Las Vegas plans. Give us a call for more details and to get started on booking the ultimate Vegas Man Cave experience!

Lagasse’s Stadium

Lagasse’s Stadium inside the Palazzo is 24,000-square-foot sports book with over 100 screens—including a giant 9’x16′ main screen—and stadium-style seating, as well as a bar and restaurant with kicked-up tailgate cuisine. If there’s a particular game your group wants to watch, reserve a private skybox with your own big-screen TV.

Exotics Racing

Have you ever wanted to drive a supercar on a real racetrack? Of course you have, and Exotics Racing lets you do exactly that at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Choose from over 50 supercars from Lamborghini, Porsche, Ferrari, McLaren, Aston Martin, and many more, and design your own exotic driving experience!

Blow It Up Vegas

If you want to blow things up—melons, robotic targets, zombies, cars—you can do just that with Blow It Up Vegas. You can also shoot machine guns and crossbows, but really, the highlight here is probably blowing up cars.

Lip Smacking Foodie Tours

Food tours are a great way for your group to get out and try and bunch of different restaurants in one afternoon or evening (or brunch!), but the exquisite Ultimate Steakhouse Tour is for the true connoisseurs. This tour is only available through private booking, and can also be customized with private tastings of bourbons, Scotches, or specialty cocktails.

Apocalypse Vegas

Did you hear all the scuttlebutt over Area 51 earlier this year and think—really, seriously think—about how you would go about surviving an alien invasion? Well, thanks to Apocalypse Vegas, you can find out for real! Their new “Escape Area 51” scenario puts you in the midst of a battlefield where you’re fighting for the survival of life on planet Earth against alien invaders. This is basically a real-life video game with real training from real special ops and real (Airsoft) weapons.

The Barbershop

Need a shave and a haircut? How about a craft cocktail with that? And maybe throw in a live band for your entertainment? The Barbershop, located inside the swanky Cosmopolitan hotel, is a new Vegas speakeasy-style entertainment venue and high-end whisky bar, and it is also literally a barbershop where gentlemen can receive a nice straight-raze shave and new ‘do. Freshen up for the evening, or just make this your whole evening.

Battlefield Vegas

Race a car, blow up a car, crush a car—you can seriously do anything in Vegas. At Battlefield Vegas, you can crush a car with a real military tank. You can also do all kinds of shooting with all kinds of historically-accurate replica guns from famous military battles throughout history, but you can crush a car with a real military tank. And they only need 24 hours’ notice!

The Whisky Attic

Enjoy a private lesson and tasting on some of the world’s best whiskeys, bourbons, and Scotches at the Whisky Attic, a veritable library of brown liquors that will make even the most discriminating drinker happy. Travel the world by the bottle and don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions of the extremely knowledgeable hosts.

Dig This Vegas

For those of you who never wanted to leave the sandbox but want to play with big kids’ toys, there is Dig This Vegas, where you literally get to play with all different kinds of heavy construction equipment. You can crush a car here, too.

Sin City Smash

You’ve heard of escape rooms? Well in Vegas, we also have “rage rooms.” Sin City Smash offers an alternative form of therapy with their rage rooms: staged spaces made to look like offices, living rooms, and kitchens. And then you SMASH. They’ve also got axe throwing and splatter paint rooms!

VIP tables at Omnia or Encore Beach Club

There are a LOT of different nightclubs to choose from in Las Vegas, but as any local insider (or nightclub aficionado) will tell you, the “hottest club in Vegas” at any given moment tends to shift like the wind. That said, Omnia is a sure bet right now, as is Encore Beach Club if you want pools and open sky (it’s even better at night!). Give us a call to find out more about VIP table packages at Vegas’s top nightclubs!

Invictus Experience

If you read all of the above and said simply, “Yes,” then consider the all-in-one Invictus Experience. Invictus offers a fully immersive, luxury Las Vegas experience, in which you are the star of your own personal espionage mission—think James Bond or Mission: Impossible. As part of this experience, you and your group will shoot handguns, rifles, and machine guns; you will also shoot machine guns from a flying helicopter; fire the main gun of a tank; shoot flame throwers; launch mortars; drive high speeds in a supercar; skydive from an airplane or helicopter; receive exclusive access and VIP tables at the most exclusive nightclubs; enjoy luxury private dining at top Vegas restaurants; be paired with a casino super host for high-stakes gaming; and even get fitted for a custom-made, hand-tailored suit. If you’ve got the budget for it, you can even fly to Vegas in a private jet.