Founded in 1979, Washington Speakers Bureau (WSB) revolutionized the lecture industry by setting the standard for commitment, trust and care, and has become the leading lecture agency by putting people first.


Trust is a vital component to our relationships at WSB. We’ve earned a reputation for integrity by standing behind our word. We are committed to delivering the very best every time. That means providing not just service, but solutions. We work with you to meet your program objectives whether you need a world leader, business visionary, moderator, leadership expert, inspirational or motivational speaker—be it for a keynote, debate, informal luncheon or ongoing conversations addressing key issues.

WSB continues to revolutionize the industry. More than thirty years later, our search for the people whose ideas are changing the world continues.

SPEAKERS You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

The greatest collection of speaking talent in the world makes their home at Washington Speakers Bureau. We travel the world to find great speakers whose actions and opinions make a real difference.

CUSTOMER CARE You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

From the beginning over 30 years ago, providing exceptional customer care has been our priority. Great service defines the Washington Speakers Bureau – impeccable, courteous, detail-oriented and always available, the beginning to end, 24/7 support for your events from a logistics team that is the envy of the industry.

EXPERTISE You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

There’s no substitute for knowledge and experience. Assuring the success of your event starts by getting advice you can trust. We know speakers and we understand issues better than anyone else. And we know the difference between listening and selling, because success depends on having the right speaker for the right organization.

VARIETY You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

The breadth of speaking talent that the Washington Speakers Bureau represents is unsurpassed. While we are best known for representing the top names in the speaking world, we represent an amazing variety of speakers, in nearly every budget, who are known for their world experience and insight into the important issues of the time.