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SUPER BOWL LI (that’s 51 to you non-Romans) is a mere 13 days away, and I for one am in a conundrum… I’m torn between my heart and my head. My head is saying to push you away Matt Ryan so I don’t get hurt again, and my heart is saying to fall so deeply in love with you Tom Brady that it will last forever (or at least until next season when Gisele wakes me from my dream)!

I know it’s only a game, but my head says, “Who cares?” But then my heart says, “You do, stupid.” I care what the point spread is, and I care that the Patriots are a 3-point favorite over the Falcons at both 5 Dimes (offshore) and the Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook. The real beauty of this is the possibility of a shootout, with the over/under of this game being set at 57.5 out of the gate.

That’s the highest number in Super Bowl history, narrowly beating out the 2009 Colts-Saints Super Bowl, which featured a total of 56.5 at close. It’s hard not to look for a huge game after the way the Patriots and Falcons looked on Sunday.

Let’s make this clear… Yes, I’m a girl. Yes, I like football. Not only do I like it, I understand it. And this girl is ready for some football!

So, before heading to your Super Bowl (oops…Big Game) party of choice, make it a point to visit the sportsbook to place your bets, and remember a dollar won is twice as sweet as a dollar earned!

The Super Bowl is the absolute pinnacle of sports gambling. Everyone from seasoned sharps here in Las Vegas to those weird guys in the gym locker room that are way too comfortable with their bodies are getting in on the action. While the most knowledgeable gamblers will focus on the spread and total, there are countless games within the game that even the most novice fan can cash in on, such as the coin toss result, Gatorade shower color, and national anthem length, to even more exotic wagers.

Eat, Drink, Bet, and Be Merry

The Super Bowl is about so much more than just football. It’s an excuse for people to get together and eat shameful amounts of food and to bet on what color of Gatorade the winning team will dump on their coach. As far as parties go, the Super Bowl party falls just below bachelor/bachelorette parties, and several tiers above Sun City’s Valentine’s Day singles party.

Besides beer, chips and your know-it-all friends, why not add some fun (or financial-related) competition to your party with my fabulous Las Vegas event planner’s prop sheet party game. Thirty different props, one point per correct answer, most points wins!


  1. What will the length of the National Anthem be?
    □ Over 1:57
    □ Under 1:57
  2. Will the coin toss be heads or tails?
    □ Heads
    □ Tails
  3. Which team will win the coin toss?
    □ Falcons
    □ Patriots
  4. What will the first offensive play be?
    □ Pass
    □ Run
  5. Which team will score first?
    □ Falcons
    □ Patriots
  6. What will the first scoring play of the game be?
    □ Touchdown
    □ Field Goal or
    □ Safety
  7. What will the jersey number of first player to score be?
    □ Odd
    □ Even
  8. Which team will score the longest touchdown?
    □ Falcons
    □ Patriots
  9. Which team will score last?
    □ Falcons
    □ Patriots
  10. What will be the highest scoring quarter?
    □ 1st
    □ 2nd
    □ 3rd
    □ 4th
  11. Will either team score a special teams or defensive touchdown?
    □ Yes
    □ No
  12. Will there be a safety?
    □ Yes
    □ No
  13. Will there be a field goal over 44.5 yards?
    □ Yes
    □ No
  14. Will either team attempt a two-point conversion?
    □ Yes
    □ No
  15. Which Falcon will have the most receiving yards?
    □ Julio Jones
    □ Taylor Gabriel
  16. Will Julio Jones or Taylor Gabriel score a touchdown?
    □ Yes
    □ No
  17. How many interceptions will Matt Ryan throw?
    □ Over 1.5
    □ Under 1.5
  18. How many rushing touchdowns will Atlanta score?
    □ Over 1.5
    □ Under 1.5
  19. How many sacks will Turbo Vic Beasley have?
    □ Over .5
    □ Under .5
  20. Will Tom Brady score a rushing touchdown?
    □ Yes
    □ No
  21. How many rushing yards will Tom Brady have?
    □ Over 38.5
    □ Under 38.5
  22. How many rushing yards will LeGarrette Blount have?
    □ Over 67.5
    □ Under 67.5
  23. Will Julian Edelman score a touchdown?
    □ Yes
    □ No
  24. Will Chris Hogan have a reception of over 24.5 yards?
    □ Yes
    □ No
  25. Which Patriot will record the most tackles?
    □ Logan Ryan
    □ Any Other Player
  26. Which quarterback will have the most passing yards?
    □ Matt Ryan
    □ Tom Brady
  27. What song will Lady Gaga open with at the halftime show?
    □ Poker Face
    □ Just Dance
    □ Bad Romance
    □ Paparazzi
    □ Other
  28. Will the winning team win by more than 5.5 points?
    □ Yes
    □ No
  29. What color will the Gatorade shower be?
    □ White/Clear
    □ Any other color
  30. Who will win game MVP?
    □ Quarterback
    □ Non-Quarterback

TIE BREAKER: How many yards will the longest touchdown be?

Total Score

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Bosom Buddies

In closing, remember that a Las Vegas Destination Management Company and a “bookie” have a lot in common with a good bra…

Hard to find
Lifts you up
Makes you look better
Close to your heart!

Act like a lady, and scream like a football wife,

P.S. Real women play fantasy football.