A Fabulous Evening At The Hotel California

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The news of the untimely passing of Eagles guitarist Glenn Frey was received with a heavy heart here at Destination Fabulous. The songs that were co-written and sung by Glenn are forever etched into our memories and collective souls. The California Country Rock genre was created by the Eagles and quite honestly, will never be replicated again.  May you rest in peace Glenn Frey and may God bless you and your family.

This blog has purposely been penned for a publish date that is respectful to Glenn Frey’s passing with a time line of sensitivity that should not be perceived as exploitive for business purposes. Upon further reflection, I realized now more than ever that the music of the Eagles should be rejoiced.  Life is a celebration, and thus it is only fitting that Glenn Frey’s music should be honored and continually celebrated by one and all with attention, affection and appreciation.

Our good friend and former bandmate of Glenn’s, Mr. Don Felder, issued the following statement to Billboard honoring the memory of Glenn:

“Glenn’s passing was so unexpected and has left me with a very heavy heart filled with sorrow,” said Felder. “He was so young and still full of amazing genius. He was an extremely talented songwriter, arranger, leader, singer, guitarist, you name it and Glenn could do it and create ‘MAGIC’ on the spot. His visions and insights into songs and lyrics have become legendary and will echo throughout time on this earth for decades to come.”

“Glenn was the one who invited me to join the Eagles in 1974 and it turned out to be a gift of a lifetime to have spent so many years working side by side with him,” Felder continued. “He was funny, strong, and generous. At times it felt like we were brothers and at other times, like brothers, we disagreed. Despite our struggles and difficult moments together we managed to create some magical songs, recordings and live show. His charisma on stage was felt and loved by millions of people all over the world.

“I have many wonderful memories of those years and the many miles I travelled with Glenn, filled with laughter, song, parties, hugs and brotherly bonds. Glenn was the James Dean of the band. He was the leader that we all looked to for direction and by far the coolest guy in the band. It saddens me a great deal that we were never able to address the issues that came between us and talk them through. Sadly now we will never get the chance.

“The planet has lost a great man and a wonderful musician today. None will ever be able to take his place.

And although Glenn is no longer with us… his music will continue to live on. One year ago, we here at Destination Fabulous designed a tribute to the music of the Eagles built around their legendary guitarist Mr. Don Felder. This event titled: A FABULOUS EVENING AT THE HOTEL CALIFORNIA showcases the amazing talents of Don and the soundtrack that he and his fellow bandmates created that have defined a generation.

Welcome to a “Fabulous Hotel California Event” starring Eagles legend Don Felder

As the premier Las Vegas entertainment production company and Las Vegas party planner, Destination Fabulous Las Vegas DMC proudly presents a unique musically themed special couture Las Vegas event that pays tribute to the one and only Eagles, one of the most popular, successful, and highly acclaimed bands in the history of rock and roll.

Are you ready to check into the Hotel California? It’s a lovely place (such a lovely place), and there’s plenty of room for all to experience the ultimate California soundtrack, starring none other than extraordinary Eagles guitarist Don Felder. It was Felder’s signature 12-string sound that brought life to Don Henley’s intoxicating and mysterious lyrics, creating one of the most instantly recognizable rock songs of all time.

Destination Fabulous’ “Welcome to the Hotel California” couture event all begins as you are greeted by a hotel doorman. As you walk down the stanchioned red carpet into the Hotel California, you experience “California Mission” style décor with palm trees and potted plants framed by faux brick arches along the walls. Oversized posters of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame band adorn the walls and colorful surfboards hang from the ceiling.

The room is set up to feel like a comfortable lounge with stuffed couches, cocktail tables and plush wingback chairs – the perfect concert setting. An elevated stage, flanked by two large screens continuously playing Eagles live concert footage, is at the front of the room, while attractive “California Girls” attired in period 70s outfits and their escorts, who are “devilishly” dressed in black suits with black shirts and red ties, add an air of seductive mystery that echoes the song’s evocative and enigmatic lyrics.

A lavish, California-style buffet with a “steely knived” carving station features such Eagles-inspired dishes as the “Take it Easy” sliders, “Desperado” hors d’oeuvres, “Witchy Woman” California rolls, “On the Border” loaded nachos, “Lyin’ Eyes” pot stickers, and “Hell Freezes Over” ice cream confections. Guests can also enjoy an array of top-shelf libations, pink champagne on ice, and signature cocktails like the “Tequila Sunrise” at the “Outlaw Man” Bar. “Captains” at various wine stations will be pouring a selection of premium California wines that “…haven’t been served here since 1969.” Servers dressed in period red “bellhop” attire, complete with brass buttons, pill-box hats, and white gloves, will also offer tray-passed hors d’oeuvres to the assembled guests.

What sets this “Fabulous Hotel California” Las Vegas destination event apart from all the rest is the opportunity to experience superstar Eagles guitarist Don Felder live and in-person (based on availability). For a negotiable additional charge, Mr. Felder can be available for a private, pre-show “meet and greet” for your top VIPs or customers. This includes a photo op with Mr. Felder and an opportunity for him to sign copies of his book, “Heaven & Hell: My Life in the Eagles (1974-2001)” which can be purchased separately prior to the event.

The evening’s classic Fabulous Hotel California vibe comes to its breathtaking exclamation point as the lights dim and Don Felder takes the stage, reprising hits from the Eagle’s Grammy award-winning songbook.

For as the song says: “You can check-out any time you like, but you can never leave.” (How apropos)

Of course, your guests will never want to leave the “Fabulous Hotel California” special Las Vegas event starring Don Felder, brought to you by Destination Fabulous, Las Vegas DMC.

Take It Easy,



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