Four Tips for Selecting the Right Event Planner

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Exceptional Service. Strategic Thinker. Event Know-How. Diplomatic Communicator. Active Listener. Location Expert. These are just a few qualities you want to look for when hiring an Event Planner. Adding a person with these skills to your team can be the difference between having an ordinary event or a fabulous extravaganza. Whether you are planning a 10-person team building experience or a 5,000-person rock concert, the same amount of care and attention are required to plan, organize and execute a flawless event. The right event planner is an extension of your team and can become a trusted advisor for your program.

Someone once said “the devil is in the details” and it is so true. We all know the best-laid plans can go awry and there are always a few “Murphys” lurking around the corner. A seasoned event planner has Plan B, C, D, and sometimes E in their back pocket and ready to execute at a moment’s notice. The ability to think on one’s feet, craft a plan, communicate well, execute meticulously, all the while staying under or near budget is a priceless commodity in the event world. Having an event planner of this caliber on your team is like life insurance for your event; if something goes wrong, you’re covered.

Remember Donald Trump’s television show, The Apprentice? In the first season, the final task was planning an event at the Trump International Country Club in New Jersey. Planning an event well is no easy task and having your planning process televised must have been a harrowing experience. It looks easy from afar; however, behind the scenes it never really is and the contestants on this show found that out in short order. What’s interesting is Donald Trump thought a well-planned event was a deciding factor on who he should hire to join his multi-million dollar corporation. On that day he elevated the conversation for why you should hire a seasoned event planner. Here are few tips on selecting the best one:

1. Style & Fit: One size doesn’t fit all. As unique as your event is, so are event planners. Personality matters and a clash of styles can wreak havoc on an event of any size. Communication style is critical. Do they work well with others? Are they a good listener? Do they communicate well verbally and written? Are they diplomatic under pressure? Do they represent you/your brand well? Are they open to feedback? Are they respectful of themselves and others? Are they fun?

2 .Substance: Experience matters. Think about what you need an event planner to do for you – Is it site selection, hotel sourcing, attractions, team building, event concepts, entertainment, transfers, or all of the above? How much time do you have for planning versus execution? What skill set is needed to complement and/or expand your team’s capacity to launch events? How much national or internally experience is needed? Do you hire locally? Get references from past work. Check out their LinkedIn profile. Do your homework.

3. Time & Money: You get what you pay for. Be specific about goals, milestones and tasks for your program and how an event planner could help you meet them. What are your budget parameters for the specific work? How much time do you have for planning versus execution? If it is a short time frame, you could invest in onsite execution. If you have a longer time frame, you could invest in strategy and planning. Either way, be realistic about how much work there is to do in the amount of time allotted.

4. Miracle Worker. It’s true, they do exist. Because event planners are highly skilled, quick thinkers they make their job look easy on a daily basis. After all, that is thrill of the role, solving the puzzle pieces under the clock, on budget with little to no drama. It is a team effort and no event launches by itself. It takes finesse, confidence and experience to be an event planner. But it takes heart and soul to be a great one!

When it comes to selecting the right Las Vegas event planning company for your next event, you want “all of the above.” And with Destination Fabulous DMC, that’s exactly what you get. We’re passionate about event planning, execution, and customer service. It we weren’t, we wouldn’t be wasting your time – or ours.
Let our Las Vegas event management team become YOUR team. Because when you come right down to it, your next Las Vegas event deserves to be nothing less than fabulous. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Lisa Derby Tozer
VP of Sales
Destination Fabulous