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If I were to ask you to join me for a rollicking event at the Fremont Country Club your mind would first conjure up rolling green fairways and manicured tee boxes and greens that attract golfers gaudily attired ala Caddyshack’s  Al Czervik (played by “I don’t get no respect!” Rodney Dangerfield).  Your second thought would be…where is the Fremont Country Club course located and what’s our tee time? Well, forget throwing your sticks, balls, and spikes in the trunk and donning your favorite plaid slacks because you’re heading to downtown… I’m talking Fremont Street baby, and I’m yelling…FORE!!!

As Las Vegas’ premiere destination management company, Destination Fabulous, has a real “joint” (sorry Hard Rock) to tout and resoundingly endorse as a venue of choice for you and your company to consider for your next “epic” event. Unlike the plethora of sterile corporate venues that abound here in Las Vegas, the Fremont Country Club set’s itself apart from the pack by being “A Music Venue Created By Artists For Artists.”

Welcome to Fremont Country Club, the state-of-the-art 1,000-capacity live music venue and showroom at 601 E. Fremont St. in the Fremont East Entertainment District of downtown Las Vegas. The 10,000-square-foot facility showcases live music and special events from comedy to avant-garde theater to runway fashion shows. The decor is Tex-Mex brothel kitsch meets Sinatra in space, featuring bejeweled merry-go-round ponies atop the bar, 8-foot-high illuminated steel horseshoes, a covered-wagon entry way that doubles as a movie tunnel and chromed antler chandeliers, to name a few.


The Fremont Country Club had me at… hello. Any “joint” that prominently displays an Andy Warhol Triple Elvis in its entry way has me lock, stock, and barrel. The Fremont Country Club, is everything that Vinyl aspired to be; and has what most venues want… the cool factor. Remember, you can’t buy cool. You either are or you aren’t, and the Fremont Country Club is cool.

In fact, it was Andrew McMahon’s recent concert appearance at the F.C.C. that reinforces this as he stated from the stage that after seeing a concert at the Fremont Country Club on his last visit to Las Vegas he vowed to make it the final stop of his summer headlining tour.  Las Vegas and yours truly reaped the benefits of seeing piano pop’s most charismatic  and enigmatic performer take the stage with local bands Grizfolk and Avalon Landing for what was truly this summer’s most exciting and electric show.

Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness, is the eponymous debut tour from Jack’s Mannequin and Something Corporate mastermind under the Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness moniker, McMahon tapped into his commercial sensibilities and pulled out a music set of Fun, Killers, and Passion Pit-inspired pop confections that were effortlessly breezy and melodic as they were steeped in carefully constructed melodrama. Opener “Canyon Moon” set the tone with a punchy, Twins Peaks-ian tale of a lost girl that sounds like Coldplay distilled through the fat, foamy, factory- produced headphones that used to accompany the yellow Sony Sports Walkman – comforting retro-mid 80’s vibe that permeated the F.C.C.’s sound system and venue. McMahon’s spot-on, self-effacing lyrics and performance fit right in with the post-emo millennial overshare persuasion, and his penchant for on-the-nose phrasing and big pop moments would have been grating if those instincts weren’t so sharply honed and the sugary results so immaculately delivered. He may be in the wilderness emotionally, but his songs reside firmly beneath the bright lights of the city where love, death, laughter, and heartache are most likely to fester.


Let’s talk. Downtown, is where it’s at, and the Fremont Country Club is the place to be seen, and its adjoining sister property Backstage Bar & Billiards aka “Triple B” is the 19th hole!

As Owner Big Daddy Carlos states, “Expect everything from rock to alternative, blues to country, punk to pop. It’s all about bringing more magic and glitz to what’s already happening downtown. We’re just bringing Vegas back to Vegas. Viva Downtown!!!” I say “VIVA F.C.C. & Triple B!”

Keep calm and sink the putt,