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Happy Holidays

Dear Friend…

May Your Holidays Be Merry and the New Year filled with friends, family and good times. As a Las Vegas party planner, I want to offer hosting tips to help you spend less time stressing and more time creating meaningful memories with your guests.


Give your holiday party the personal touch with your own creative flair. Everything can be store-bought…customize your invitations and select matching party favors, banners, centerpieces and sign in boards. Add a life size cutout, photo opportunity, and your holiday party becomes uniquely yours!

FAB TIP: LABEL THE DISHES. Add a simple handwritten card that identifies each dish. It’s such an elegant thing to do, and it literally takes five minutes.


It’s not a party without the food! The food table is the one spot all your guests are sure to visit so you want it to be “special”. I suggest some fun table decorations that fit the holiday. By putting beloved décor items in the middle of the table, they become a topic of conversation.

When it comes to the menu don’t overthink it. A food and drink bar is a great way for you to give your guests a chance to interact, customize and be creative. Think of the late, great Rock n’ Roll Chef Kerry Simon by creating food stations. Feature an inventive variety of stations, including a candy station, a make-your-own Bloody Mary Bar, and a “White Trash” station, which offers whimsical dishes like Ambrosia Salad, Pigs in a Blanket and Deviled Eggs, and Fried Chicken and Waffles. Smoothies and fruit sushi (there’s no raw fish in this kind) at a Fresh Fruits Station, where everything is sliced and diced for your convenience. A Salad Station is another option for consideration, where guests can create a custom salad to their liking.

FAB TIP: BLOODY MARYS FOR THE MASSES. A batch cocktail is always a great idea when you are entertaining, because it can be done prior to the start of soiree and it serves a lot of people. Chill your bottles of Bloody Mary mix the night before and arrange a variety of add-ins (celery, bacon, carrots, lemons, radishes and olives) on a cheese board and or platter.

Of course you’ll want to amuse yourself. We suggest plenty of games and activities to break the ice, keep your holiday party moving and generally add to the fun and frolic. Nothing screams the holidays like an ugly sweater!  Guests can get annoyed if you request a dress code or costume. By giving them just one rule sets the tone for a fun party. You’ll be surprised by what this “icebreaker” provides to everyone’s conversation as your guests will be trading stories about where they found their amazing sweaters.

FAB TIP:  BUYING THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY. Ugly tops are bigger than ever, but in a very hipstery, oh-so-ironic way.  Vintage stores, like the Salvation Army, and Goodwill are great starting points, but the trend has reached as far as fast-fashion shops like H&M and high-end retailers such as Nordstrom.


Your guests probably walked in with a gift. So why not let them walk out with a great party favor? There’s candy, loot bags, personalized Christmas stockings and…well the list just goes on. We suggest favors that work with your holiday party theme and your budget.

FAB TIP: DECK THE HALLS WITH…BALLS. Have ornaments that are a part of a table-scape that your guests can take home with them.


A question that is always asked generally when it comes to budgeting an event and meeting food & beverage requirements is; how much alcohol do you need for a party? Assume 2 drinks per person the first hour, 1 drink every hour after.  No. of guests x 2 = No. of glasses you should have on hand.

FAB TIP: BOOZE BY THE NUMBERS. Drinks and Servings: Wine – 7 glasses per bottle. Spirits – 12 cocktails per bottle. Champagne – 6 – flutes per bottle.

Lastly, be responsible. Las Vegas DMC companies like Destination Fabulous want you to enjoy the season and all that it has to offer by being a good host and a good guest. Get-togethers, office parties or trips to a pub with friends – each of these moments are meant to be happy and memorable ones. But, all it takes to spoil those fond memories is one clumsy act or a “forgettable” incident. But, the one thing that cannot be repeated enough number of times – Don’t drive to drink, but if you must, then don’t drink and drive. We want you to have a long and honorable life!

Wishing You a Joyous Holiday filled with Peace, Love, and Prosperity. Best wishes for a Healthy New Year!

Fabulously yours,



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