It’s A Fabulous Life

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“Life is like a notebook. Two pages are already written by GOD. First page is birth and the last page is death. Center pages are empty. Fill them with smiles and love.”

I recently had a meeting with a colleague who is in a transitional phase in her career, and is ready to embrace new challenges not to mention new horizons.  During our luncheon, an interesting comment was made that quite honestly took me a bit off guard, left me amused, and quite honestly somewhat flattered. The words directed to me were as follows;  ”You inspire me…”  Evidently, my pennings had made quite an impression on my friend in a way that I had never really thought of nor envisioned.  The blogs that I write on a fairly consistent bi-weekly basis have always been written to inform, educate, and enlightened my customers and future clients on the world of Las Vegas destination management. My blogs have never been a platform to pontificate from like so many that are posted every minute, of every hour, on any given day. Cathartic yes…Shakespeare no.

To be totally transparent, (Don’t you just hate that word?) I have always been a lazy writer. Beginning with my elementary education up to and including my collegiate career. I got by, and wrote on a very superficial basis hardly anything that was ever close to the sublime. So there you have it, I was uninspired. Which leads me to what truly inspires me…ROB LOWE.

I know, I know, I ‘m stating a given (and shame on you for thinking the obvious). Yes, I had a poster of Rob Lowe as Billy Hixx in St. Elmo’s Fire tacked to my bedroom wall, yes I own VHS, DVD, and Blu-ray copies of The Outsiders, About Last Night, Wayne’s World, and Tommy Boy in conjunction to the boxed sets of The West Wing, Brothers & Sisters, Parks and Recreation, and yes I have dvr’d every episode of the best sitcom broadcast on tv right now…The Grinder on FOX. I’m guilty…guilty as charged, but not for the reasons that you are assuming. Granted, Rob Lowe is a film, television, and theatre actor, a producer and an entrepreneur. More importantly he is an author… an author who inspires me.

This past Christmas I received a copy of Love Life written by Rob Lowe as a present (It’s hard to believe I didn’t already have one hermetically sealed for my archives). This thoroughly entertaining book finds you in the presence of a master raconteur, a multi-talented performer whose love for life is as intriguing as his love life. Yes, you heard me right, Love LIFE, not LOVE Life… a double entendre.

When Rob Lowe’s first book, Stories I Only Tell My Friends, was published in 2011, he received the rapturous reviews that writers dream of and rocketed to the top of the bestseller list. Now, in Love Life, he expands his scope, using stories and observations from his life in a poignant ab humorous series of true tales about women and men, art and commerce, fathers and sons, addiction and recovery, and love.  Rob writes viscerally and insightfully. The Washington Post says, “His attitude is so vulnerable and straightforward that many readers, appreciating his cautionary tale, might want to shake his hand.”  The book is brilliant and makes me want to be a better writer.

So, what does this have to do with event planning and destination management you ask? Well, everything.  One year ago, I set out to design a series of events that I would love to stage and produce. Events, that could be readily pulled off of the shelf for consideration by my customers and prospective clients who had been there and done that. I created Couture Events with my stellar marketing staff of which features:  It’s A Fabulous Life. So without further ado, please allow me to fill the center pages with a narrative for an event that I only share with my friends.

Come journey with us back to an era of opulent elegance as we recreate the decadent Jazz Age ambiance of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s timeless classic, “The Great Gatsby.”

It was a time of speakeasys, flappers, and bootleg gin that created a vibrant and daring “anything goes” attitude characterized by the Roaring Twenties. Destination Fabulous Las Vegas DMC has created a truly memorable couture event that whisks you and your guests back in time to this bygone era of sophistication and class, with just the right amount of exuberant mischief thrown in for a “roaring” good time.

Guests enter our “mansion” through a shimmering gold and silver curtain and are immediately welcomed by a champagne-pouring aerialist. The room’s sophisticated gold and silver décor is infused with an upscale Art Deco quality. Chandeliers sparkle overhead and glittering silver draped tables with golden chairs provide ample seating. Oversized, ornate floral pieces and candelabras don the tables, and uplit white feather plums adorn the walls as butlers in white tuxedos pass trays of hot and cold hors d’oeuvres, including caviar and other decadent delicacies. Guests sip champagne from tall fluted glasses or can enjoy a signature cocktail at the “Gatsby Bar.”

Entertainment options range from a house DJ playing music from the 20s, 30s, and 40s, or a “torch singer” and pianist, all the way up to an orchestra and beautifully gowned chanteuse performing classic tunes from George Gershwin, Cole Porter, Scott Joplin, and Irving Berlin. Costumed “Flappers” with their short skirts, bobbed hairdos, and long strings of pearls get everyone in a dancing mood as they “cut a rug” with such classic period dances as the Foxtrot, the Black Bottom, the Lindy Hop, and of course, the Charleston.

“It’s A Fabulous Life” couture Las Vegas event, exclusively designed by Destination Fabulous DMC, will have you kicking up your heels to a snappy ragtime beat as you exclaim: “It’s the bees knees!”

“Life is like a Novel & Every Day is a New Page. So If a page is Sad Next Will be HAPPY…So Don’t Worry Turn The Page & Enjoy The Life.”

Be fabulous,

Belinda “The Future Mrs. Rob Lowe”

P.S. I have an 8 x 10 framed glossy head shot with a facsimile signature on my nightstand of….well, you know who.


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