MIRAGE: The Tribute Band – Visions of Fleetwood Mac

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Allusion vs Illusion

Under the hot incandescent lights hovering above the casino floor, a weary Station Casino’s Presidential Boarding Pass card carrying member with yours truly and his AARP friends in tow trudge across a seemingly never-ending bank of slot machines. Looking up, he spots something in the distance: a sparkling showroom featuring a gypsy centerstage donning a black dress with flowing sleeves, a sequined shawl, and black fingerless gloves. He rubs his eyes. She’s still there. Picking up the pace in glee he strides ahead to find… Mirage.

You might think our casino VIP was hallucinating, but this Mirage was not an optical illusion. In cartoons, a mirage is often depicted as a peaceful, lush oasis lying in the shade of swaying palm trees, but in “our” shared reality, Mirage is a five-piece authentic concert recreation focused squarely on Fleetwood Mac and their greatest hits.

MIRAGE – Visions of Fleetwood Mac captures the look and sound of Fleetwood Mac live in concert. The band is a spinoff of the highly successful band “Bella Donna – A Tribute to Stevie Nicks,” which was awarded the highest honor of being praised by the real Ms. Stevie Nicks after she heard a live performance by singer Michelle Tyler and the band. “Bella Donna” also appeared on AXS TV after being crowned one of the “World’s Greatest Tribute Bands.” Trust me on this, if you can’t catch the Eagles and Fleetwood Mac headlining the new bi-coastal festival, Classic East and Classic West, in New York City and Los Angeles this July, Mirage is the next best thing!

The energy for the 6:00 P.M. show at Sunset Station’s showroom Club Madrid (Yes, I said six o’clock. You’ll be in bed by ten.) was palpable when Mirage rolled through Fleetwood favorites like Gypsy, a moment when anyone still sitting found their feet; Gold Dust Woman, more haunting than the original; Rhiannon, the alcohol had taken hold by this one, as we began aisle-dancing; and Landslide, during which there were many hugs exchanged and audible disappointment that the show would soon end.

Although this was a tribute band, make no mistake – this was a full-blown all-encompassing concert experience that quite honestly did not take a backseat to any live performance I have had the good fortune of seeing throughout my many years, be it cover, tribute, or an all-original-member lineup.

Behind The Mask

Tribute bands have become a subculture all their own. What started off years ago as a way for some friends to get together and celebrate the music of their favorite bands by playing their songs has become an important – and lucrative – part of the rock landscape, with many up-and-coming musicians cutting their teeth in tribute bands before launching their own careers. In fact, several bands, including Journey, Yes, and Judas Priest, found replacements for key members by turning to tribute bands.

Some of the best tribute acts sound more like the bands’ original lineups than the actual band does these days – which is one of the reasons they’re so popular. The top tribute acts in the business have become self-sustaining touring entities, keeping the classic-rock flame burning by performing the songs we all know and love to enthusiastic fans all over the world.


As far as economy of scale is concerned for a corporate event, you’ll get a bigger bang for the buck when booking a tribute band as opposed to a band playing cliché cover songs. In contrast to the “real deal,” this “dream” act will not cost you an arm and a leg, and is not cost-prohibitive. The likelihood of this choice being nixed by your company’s CFO (who’s always a buzz kill) is almost nil. Thus, the smart money is on booking a tribute a band who will recreate a performance that will capture and mesmerize your audience, making your event nothing short of… EPIC.

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You’re “Never Going Back Again” to bands that are “Second Hand News” telling “Little Lies” “Everywhere” with “No Questions Asked.” You’ll prefer to “Go Your Own Way” with “Dreams” made possible by Destination Fabulous where the “Skies The Limit” for your next booking and special event. Have you any dreams you’d like to sell?

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