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DJ Vtech is an American DJ/ lyricist/ rapper and vocalist from Los Angeles, CA. With 8 years of experience DJing events ranging from radio, to corporate events, to amazing nightclubs nationally and internationally, Vtech has truly created a brand only those who watch and listen to her spin can experience. She has traveled, played, and held residencies for some extremely notable companies and nightclubs including most recently Guess, O’neil, Adultcon, Playboy, Miller Beer, Monster Energy, Casio/ G-shock and

SoCal hotspots Avalon, Icon, Heat, The Arena, Infusion, Playhouse, The Belaso Theater and many more. She currently holds residencies at Level 3 at the Highlands and Elevate in downtown LA. Her residencies are not limited to California, however, as she has spanned across the desert into Las Vegas holding down residencies as a part of Tao Group playing mega clubs Tao, Lavo and Marquee.

In 2010, Vtech, being incredibly competitive by nature, entered and won the renowned Beezo DJ Battles, holding her own against a bunch of men and advancing to the finals. She’s had frequent radio air time with her mixes airing on 107.1 Super Estrella EDM After Hours and the Saturday Night Mixdown on 102.3 KJLH (SoCal). She is now a regular on 102.3 and can be listened to on Saturday nights from 8-12 when she’s in town.

Her talent doesn’t stop there, however, as Vtech has tapped into the recording industry. She put out her cover of Busta Rhymes’ “Look At Me Now” in 2011 which caught the attention of numerous producers wanting to tap into her hidden talent (the girl can rap… really fast!). Riding on the buzz of the cover, she entered and won the latest Busta Rhymes contest for which she spit his verses exactly as he did in the song “Why Stop Now”, which landed her a cameo in the music video and a personal shoutout from Busta via YouTube. In early 2012 she continued to wow music fans with her vocal remix of Tyga’s “Rack City” for which she wrote and performed all lyrics.

Moving to Las Vegas in July 2013 only proved to be another smart move by Vtech when she linked up with Milo Berger, a.k.a DJ Mighty Mi, and Michael “DJ Megaman” Mayeda, both

Vegas residents to begin putting out brand new music under Tribute Recordings including her first single “We Go Hard” (Tribute Recordings 2012). Being able to showcase her music through numerous gigs in “Sin City” (Hard Rock, Rehab, Monte Carlo, Marquee, Aria, Tao, Lavo, Artisan +) has helped her career to keep moving forward. Currently, Vtech bounces from LA to Vegas and back continuing her intriguing DJ adventure moving feet and dropping beats at venues and events across the nation and beyond. She will surprise you in the best possible way!