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Those are the three words that could best describe JAMM. For indeed, there is magic in their voices that evokes the deepest and soulful expression of every word in a song. Together with their versatility and style, they could become – if not already – superstars in entertainment.

Smashing in the sense that, wherever and whenever they perform together, JAMM songs and their music never fail to rev up crowds night in and night out. It is their sense of togetherness in every repertoire that makes the difference. As one writer put it: “Harmony, versatility and style translate into an exciting team of performers. The melody is just great.”

No doubt, Jonathan’s style is already unique by and in itself. But his brilliance lies in his versatility. When he does impressions of such music giants like Neil Diamond, Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole and Smokey Robinson, which highlight his every performance, you cannot help but light up and perhaps say to yourself: “This magic man is indeed one of a kind.”