It’s the old real estate mantra: location, location, location. The most basic concept in all of real estate is that the key to success is the best location. The same can be said about Las Vegas event planning for corporate and social functions, that the three most important factors for staging an event are location, location, location. People who attended an evening at XS with the Chainsmokers and are now all-knowing and all-seeing (Nostradamus wannabes) think that the best location is a prime location. To which I reply, be prepared with a seven-figure budget. Dinero, dinero, dinero (and I’m not talking Bobby).


Las Vegas, “The Entertainment Capital of the World”, can be segmented for prosperity’s sake into three locations or territories – all of which will assure success. They are:

There are no bad locations in Las Vegas. What you need is the best venue for your budget. Ultimately, your budget will drive the venue selection process and thus the location.

Planning and successfully executing a Las Vegas event – from a major conference, trade show, or private command performance, to a VIP dinner party – can be incredibly stressful. Did you budget enough? Can you trust your vendors to deliver as promised? Did you pick the right venue? Do you have a contingency plan? Most importantly, will your event be as fabulous as you envisioned, or fall short of your expectations?

Three event elements will either make or break your event, and ultimately all are driven by the budgetary dollars allocated for your event:

The “what ifs” of event planning will drive you crazy. But there’s nothing to lose sleep over when you have the Destination Fabulous Las Vegas DMC team working for you. When the clock is ticking and deadlines are approaching at lightning speed, you can rest assured that we’ve got your back. It’s what we do…uniquely for you.


Here are just some of the many reasonably priced Las Vegas destination management services we can provide you:
• OnTrak™ customized needs assessment and budget forecasting crafted specifically for your event.
• Site Concierge™ event space and meeting room site selection with a personal touch.
• ProCall 24/7™ service. Call or text us. Anywhere. Anytime. Always available.
• Vegas KnowPower™ expertise. We don’t just know Vegas…we live Vegas.
• TransportPlus™ provides your group with luxury jets to Las Vegas, charter bus rentals, and everything in between. We provide the widest range of extensive Las Vegas group transportation options to suit your budget and your style.
XtremeEntertainment™ is one of Las Vegas’s premier entertainment production companies. Our superstar stable of celebrities, musical acts and keynote speakers features some of the biggest names in entertainment, politics, business and the arts. It’s the “wow factor” that will set your event apart.
• PlatinumPro™ trade-show personnel, models and spokespeople – because your image is everything.
• Fabulous Fabrications™ takes your trade show and Las Vegas event space design to another dimension of imagination.

So, whether you’re looking for a blockbuster event or product launch featuring the hottest superstars, or an intimate gathering with all the class, sophistication, and superior service Las Vegas has to offer, you can rely on me and my team to deliver nothing less than an event that is both memorable and magnificently executed. Because if it isn’t fabulous, it isn’t worth doing!

Remember, every location has a sweet spot. Let’s find yours.

Fabulously yours,