What Las Vegas DMC Wants to Be a Millionaire? I do!

Destination-fabulous-who-wants-to-be-a-millionaire-Chris Harrison

I don’t want to just take selfies with Chris Harrison, I want to be a Millionaire! Las Vegas is the place this summer to participate in taping of Who Wants to be a Millionaire, and by “participating in”, I mean not only watching the show but earning an opportunity to compete.

FAB FACT: Chris Harrison has hosted ABC’s hit romance/reality series “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette”, and the spin-off series “Bachelor in Paradise” for 15 years.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Diane Gilstrap and I just joined the Destination Fabulous event planning team as National Account Executive. I am a fun, effervescent, free-wheeling spirit who just happens to be borderline Mensa (I passed the test). And now that I’m here in Las Vegas, I have added my breadth of expertise to Destination Fabulous’ trademarked service Vegas KnowPower™ and live by our mantra, “We don’t just know Vegas…we live Vegas.”!

FAB FACT: The audience provides the correct answer 94% of the time.

On the first taping of the season, I qualified to be a contestant, one of only seven in that session. There was a short audition after the taping, to see if we had enough personality to be on television. As my fellow Destination Fabulous event planners can attest, that is not a problem for me!

Watching the show is a great way to spend a few hours, as there is a very funny audience warmer, terrific crew, and Chris Harrison is really nice (he will take selfies with you, btw). If you try hard enough, you can usually score some swag during the breaks, but even if you don’t, it’s a wonderful experience.

If you’re going to be in Las Vegas, you can get tickets at On Camera Audiences and take the test for yourself. It’s not easy, and sometimes only one person passes, but who’s to say that it won’t be you?

FAB FACT: The first contestant to win the American “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” used the “Phone a Friend” lifeline on his last question just to tell his dad he won.

Hey, Las Vegas event planners, do you want to sit on the sidelines or be a millionaire? YES? “Is that your final answer?” Then I’ll see you Strip-side at Caesars Entertainment Studios and be prepared to use a lifeline!

See you next time on Who Wants to Be A Millionaire,

Diane Gilstrap

National Account Executive

p.s. The letter D has never been the correct answer for any of the million-dollar winners’ 14th question (aka “the million-dollar question”). And that’s my final answer, Chris.